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Leviathanís guide to Viper Mega Missile Pwnage

Hero: Viper


1.)   Versatility: The Missile Mega Crush spam is one of the most versatile builds you can do with Viper in my opinion, and the best suited for almost every situation. While it doesnít deal as much raw damage as Pulse Cannon or Multiple builds, what it does is allow you to support your team for longer periods of time then if you simply rush in with pulse cannons, kill a hero, and then return back to base for healing. (or respawning if you died in the process)
2.)   Durability: Viper is notoriously known for dying a lot. This build focuses not only on dealing good AOE damage from a distance, as well as up close, but also addresses the durability issue at the same time. With this build you will find yourself lasting much longer in both team fights and lane management then if you simply start upgrading and using Pulse Cannon or Multiples.
3.)   Low Energy Requirements: With this build you will not have to worry much about energy. It has relatively low energy requirements. You can get by with about 1 reactor upgrade.

1.)   No Burst Damage: You wont be using Pulse Cannons or multiples at all so you can forget burst damage. However, you wonít be dying as much which means youíll be in the fight longer.
2.)   Intercept drones: Against early game Battlestar and Gunstar in general youíll have a real hard time since your build depends heavily on spamming missiles.

Upgrade Focus:
1.)   Missiles Launched
2.)   Mega Crush
3.)   Missile Damage
4.)   Shield Regeneration
5.)   Shield Armor

Augmentation Choice: Adaptive Armor

Reason: To take advantage of late game upgraded Mega Crush you will need extra survivability. When Mega Crush is maxed out, it has a super low Cooldown which allows you to spam it with your missiles. This synergy creates a devastating combination of quick strikes in which you can zoom in, blast your mega crush and zoom out, all while spamming missiles. Additionally, the Augment synergizes with the afterburner bonus. Since Mega Crush and Afterburner share the same upgrade you will benefit from blocking damage while afterburner is active for longer periods of time, not to mention the bonus utility from zipping around the map.

The playthrough:
Feel free to take any lane. The beauty of this build is you can survive fairly well in any lane, including the bottom lane. It is not dependent upon allies being nearby and with your long range missile focus, you can strike enemies from a safe distance with quick strafing runs without taking damage.
Start by focusing on farming minions. Focus your missile attacks on minions with the most health so your splash damage can take out nearby enemies that are low on hp. NEVER USE MULTIPLES! It will be a complete waste of energy and you wonít be upgrading your primary damage at all except for the initial 3 mineral upgrade. To maintain energy it is critical that pulse cannon only be used if you KNOW you can kill the opponent, otherwise you simply wasted precious energy which you will need for farming minions and neutrals.
Your first upgrade focus will be in the order listed above. Every time you add a missile to the # launched, you increase your damage more then if you simply upgraded damage. If you do the math, even the first upgrade is double the missile damage. The 3rd is 3rd more damage the 4th 4th more and so forth. This is far more effective then spending money on actual damage. You will spend money on actual damage but not until the late game. Donít start harassing the hero in your lane until you have at least 2 missiles per launch. It is generally ineffective to do so otherwise. If you can, try to bait the enemy hero to come in range of your towers before using your stun. Time the stun so heís in range of the towers and boom, free kill.
MID GAME: When you make a kill, that is the time to go back to the ship shop and purchase an experience item. Farm all available neutrals by spamming mega crush and missiles. You can also attack from a distance if you have to to manage health. The general pattern of play should be, 1) Look for heros to kill through ganking, 2) farm neutrals after killing a hero 3) go back to harassing a hero through missile spam. 4) if you cannot kill a hero or there is no one to gank and your lanes are doing well, FARM FARM FARM NUETRALS with experience item. On your way back to the lane after healing or shopping, farm neutrals!
LATE GAME: By the time the late game rolls around you should have maxed out all your missiles launched and mega crush damage. Also it is critical at this point to have no shield regeneration delay. Make sure to have a decent amount of shield armor as well. Donít worry about hull armor, focus all your points into shields. If you use the invulnerability shield as described below you will do well. Give your shields time to recharge while missile spamming. Missile spamming will generally last through the entire game. With it you can wittle your opponents health down until they are low enough to stun, mega crush, missile and die.

1.)   When to use afterburner: Do not use afterburner when you are trying to gank someone, unless itís to save an ally in trouble. When you activate afterburners it alerts the enemy team to your position and ruins your gank. Use afterburners to get back into team fights quickly and/or escape from danger or go to ship shop to purchase items.
2.)   How to attack with missiles: Target the enemy ship with a regular attack command, as soon as the missiles launch, immediately retreat. Continue this pattern as your regular form of attack all game and slowly wittle down their health. You can even destroy a Basestar with this technique and it requires very little energy. Just keep an eye out for long range attacks as that can hault your efforts.
3.)   How to use mega crush: You have to get in close enough to use it. In late game you must have 0 shield regeneration delay or this strategy simply doesnít work well. But having the constant shield regen on top of your augmentation adaptive armor will keep you alive long enough to deliver crushing blow after crushing blow.
4.)   How to use your stun: When fighting against heros like gunstar or other heros with their own stuns, save yours for last. Let them use their abilities first, that way you can shut them down and go in for mega crush.
5.)   How to use shield: Donít wait until your almost dead to use your shield. Use it right before your shields run out, when you have 5 shield regen upgrades, your shield regen will be constant and will recharge quickly.

1)   Gunstar: Gunstar will **** you with its bonus damage, and shield penetrating missile. In general donít engage in direct combat. Stay at a safe distance missile spamming. Once you hit the late game, you will have more options for dealing with the Gunstar, but early game he will pwn you all game.
2)   Leviathan: The Microbial silence will shut you down every time, it can also shut down your shield making you especially vulnerable. Do not attack it when it activates its damage reflect ability. Focus on killing its minions rather then attacking it directly to avoid taking unnecessary damage.
3)   Xenomorph- Stealth ganks are common and that sudden stun can you leave you defenseless and trapped! If you are fighting a Xenomorph, get detectors, thankfully with the missile spam mega crush build you will be able to handle his swarms and deal with creep tumors by blasting them to oblivion.

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